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What's New

At Utica Avenue Plumbing Supply, we enjoy keeping our customers current of new products, trends and happenings throughout the industry and internally. Check back from time to time to see What’s New. Check out our newest brands below!

Inax Duravit
Franke is the leader in stainless
steel sink manufacturing in the world. Their sleek designs and multitude of sinks to meet any
price point and size for your
kitchen, make them the premier kitchen sink brand in the US.

Duravit, founded in 1817 and headquartered out of Hornberg, Germany, is primarily a manufacturer of porcelain bathroom fittings. Duravit is notable for having employed prominent designers such as Philippe Starck, Sieger Design, and Sergei Tchoban for its product lines.
Steamist Myson
Grohe is Europe's largest manufacturer of sanitary fittings, including kitchen and bathroom faucets/taps, and shower systems

Schock invented the granite sink and has been one of the leading manufacturer worldwide for over 30 years. 75% of the 2 million granite sinks sold every year globally are produced based on manufacturing procedures developed by Schock.

Company Announcements

New Executive Offices - We recently completed construction on our executive offices. Now Utica can welcome all our design, contractor and architect clients to view the New York Metro area’s only working Hansgrohe Rainbrain shower display! There is also room for presentations, hands-on training and manufacturer-sponsored events. Details for the open-house coming soon…

Renovated Showroom - To showcase our ever-growing kitchen and bath offering, we will be revamping our product showroom. With more brands come more items to feature, so Utica Avenue Plumbing Supply is making a commitment to keep up with the times. Part of our plans include a working shower system, which will help customers literally get their feet wet when deciding on their purchase. Further bathroom setups are planned, from traditional setups to ultra-modern, ensuring we have something for every taste.

Green Products- Utica is committed to staying current on all mandated “Green” product initiatives. Across the United States, water conservation has become a key driver in new plumbing product development. As new legislation is passed, manufacturers must adhere to these new rules, including dual-flush and 1.28 gallon toilets, low-flow showerheads and water restricted faucets. Feel free to call Utica for the latest in “Green” plumbing initiatives.